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I’m Jasmine D. Smith. In 2016, I was unwillingly catapulted from my corporate career as a Human Resources Business Systems Analyst and Project Manager into my own healing journey. During that time, I was clinically diagnosed with depression, otherwise known as Major Depressive Disorder. My symptoms were so severe that I needed to take a leave from my career. During that time, I attended frequent and intensive individual and group therapies; however, my therapists' could only get me so far. It was all up to me to do the rest.

It was then that I realized that my journey was unique as a Black Woman, and that I required additional support that was outside the purview of my therapist. From realizing that it was necessary for me to take a long-term leave from the well-paying career that was overly demanding, to understanding that I could not be a super wife to the detriment of myself, to saying "no" to those emotionally taxing social and family engagements, I gradually realized that I had to step away from the external validation the world had given me and learn to validate myself by loving me from the inside out. I had to learn to love my soul. As I started to do this work, I realized it required me being able to put my needs above all, I realized that I needed culturally competent resources and support in tandem with therapy to help me reach my goals.

I searched high and low for this support with no success, so I decided to use my 20+ years of corporate experience, along with the education, and knowledge gained from my own healing journey to create what I was so desperately seeking. The program and resources that I created out of my own desperation to heal moved me from surviving to thriving! I rounded out my knowledge and education by going back to school to become a Board-Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and now I'm ready to support you on your journey!

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I offer soul love coaching, personal development coaching, career strategy consulting, and customized resources that are rooted in dismantling the effects of our inherited trauma.

Let me help you choose your health, wellness, and overall happiness above all

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"We as Black Women have to work and fight hard for many things. Wellness and happiness should not be on that list."

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Whole Self-Love Coaching

Putting yourself first is hard to do. I'd love to help.

Soul love coaching gives you the permission and resources you've been seeking to put your health, wellness and happiness first. I provide encouragement, accountability and perspective on your journey to loving yourself from the inside out


Personal Development


Are you no longer concerned with the person you were and instead focused on the person you are and want to be? If you answered "yes", then this self discovery & self improvement coaching program was created just for you! I will provide the support, resources, and accountability you've been seeking, while helping you meet your personal development goals.

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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Looking to treat your inside as good as you treat your outside? I’d love to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle with holistic nutrition coaching. I also offer customized meal plans and cooking classes to support you on your journey.

Wellness background.

Wellness Resources

Looking for a therapist but don't know where to start? Check out our Mental Whealth FInancials document for a step by step guide to finding a provider in your insurance network.

Empowering & supporting Black Women on their healing journey with strategic tools and resources created for Black Women by a Black Woman

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All of our coaching services are customized based on your needs. A standard 30-minute coaching session starts at $50.00. Self development packages start at $175.00. Holistic nutrition services start at $.70.00.


I offer a free 30-minute discovery session. During that time, we will discuss your goals to determine which service(s) would be a good fit for you and your goals.

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Empowering Black Women to choose themselves first


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"Jasmine really helped me adjust my lens to see the big picture.

While working with her, I was able to clearly and realistically define what I wanted my life to look like.

She continues to hold my hand and walk me through as I do the heavy lifting of working to bring my goals to fruition.

TRUST, you most definitely need Soulstress Solutions in your life!"

-Katrina Jackson